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About ACPM

The Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers (ACPM) is an independent organization that creates and manages a credentialed program of excellence for training discretionary portfolio managers. The collaborative and continuous learning experience enables portfolio managers to achieve a higher level of expertise in multiple facets in an ever-changing and dynamic global economy.

The Certified Portfolio Managers (CPM®) Program originated from the combined experiences of portfolio managers within the Portfolio Management Institute (PMI) prior to the establishment of the ACPM. While there were a myriad of executive education programs for analysts and financial planners, there was a significant lack in programs designed for portfolio managers.

As Portfolio Managers, we have the highest level of responsibility and accountability to our clients, be they individuals, families, foundations or institutions. Our CPM Program equips us with essential tools needed to become better portfolio managers. As the home of Graham and Dodd, as well as Mr. Buffett, Columbia University was the perfect fit to hold our annual executive education program.


To attain the CPM® certification, ACPM members are required to complete two components:

a) a 150-200 hours of independent study and a

b) week-long residential program hosted by the IEOR Department at Columbia University.

Coursework includes the study of theory and practice of asset pricing, asset management, risk management, hedge fund management, corporate finance, fixed income analysis and foreign exchange. While it is a relatively new designation, ACPM expects the CPM® designation to become recognized industry-wide.